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Women have been taught to question themselves incessantly these days. Is what we’re doing okay? Is what we’re feeling the right way to feel? Are we being too sensitive? Are we crazy merely because someone said we are?

This article from the Huffington Post really says it all.

At its base, calling women “crazy” is a way of waving away any behavior that men might find undesirable while simultaneously absolving those same men from responsibility. Why did you break up with her? Well, she was crazy. Said something a woman might find offensive? Stop being so sensitive.

The idea of the “crazy” woman is so vague and nebulous that it can apply to just about any scenario.

“Crazy” has become this all-encompassing word to describe a woman’s behavior. I’ve heard men say I was crazy. Hell, I’ve heard it as why they broke up with me, but that doesn’t mean ANYTHING. Especially when the breakup was mutual or because he couldn’t cope with the normal relationship emotional needs.

I’m not crazy and just because someone says I am something, doesn’t make it true. Sure, I have some emotional issues, but so does everyone. Everyone has baggage. But really, when I think about it, maybe those “issues” are just what society has forced me to think of as problems and maybe they’re just completely normal, female emotions.

I’m not crazy. I’m normal. And there’s nothing anyone can say to change that, because all the proof I need is inside my head, inside my heart, and that’s all I need. Just me.

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Seriously? The Nook Glowlight?! Now they’re just copying Amazon. Ridiculous. And it’s the same price as the Kindle too. With optional smart covers, just like Kindle. Now I definitely will never like Barnes and Noble. Amazon is and always will be my book venue of choice.

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By now, many of you have seen the following video:


But have you seen the ponified version? It’s amazing.


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So today marks officially one month. Spike came to my party on Saturday and it was kinda hard to be around him. I’m not sure how to function as just his friend. I’m working on moving on already but it’s slow going and emotionally taxing.

The guy I’ve been talking to, lets call him Badass, is still talking to me and definitely likes me. We finally met on Sunday and it went really well. We’re supposed to go to my hometown’s carnival on Thursday. So that should be pretty awesome. He even texted me after we parted ways with how much he liked me and how well he thought it went. Again, I’m unsure of how I feel about starting a new relationship just yet, but I know that it’s probably the best way to get over Spike.

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It’s been two weeks since Spike and I broke up. Things have been up and down since then, and it’s been a little rough. Like with many of my breakups, I wasn’t even sure at first how to continue with my life. I felt things would be so different without him around. And while they are different, they’re also not necessarily bad. And we’re trying to still be friends which is helpful. Though I do really miss him sometimes.

I’m working on just being me and enjoying life by myself and with friends. I find that I’m happiest when I’m with friends like TinyFists and Hiker. Whether we’re hiking or hot tubbing or just chilling and drinking wine or martinis. I’ve even been using iMoodJournal on my phone to track how I’m feeling. It’s been really helpful for tracking my moods and finding when I feel my best. It just happens that those times are when I’m being social and with friends.

In order to connect with new people and make new friends or relationship possibilities, I’ve joined OkCupid. I’ve been talking to a couple guys on there and have been weeding through what I want and don’t want. I found that you discover a lot about yourself when you have to fill out a profile for a dating site and have to shuffle through so many profiles of others, looking for all the traits you want in a significant other. While I’m not necessarily ready for a new relationship just yet, I’m not going to run away from something that seems like it could be promising for long-term. These things happen when you’re not particularly looking for them.

I’ve been emailing and texting with a guy fairly regularly for about a week, and it seems like it could be promising. So that’s a positive thing that’s been happening. He’s been encouraging me to do things for me and is helping me find the things that I actually like to do alone. He’s been helping me uncover the reasons for why I am the way I am and figuring out what needs to be fixed before being in a new relationship. If nothing else, he’s very flattering and makes me feel good about myself, making my self-esteem skyrocket, which is always a good thing for me and definitely something I need right now.

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I’ve posted gameplay images and some other artwork to the IndieGoGo campaign page. Go check it out and donate!



I’ve started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for my new iMac and Dr. Voodoo 2. Please donate! http://igg.me/p/306664/x/2031386