A Modest Proposal


Time for the requisite checkin for another life event update. The house is great. We had a Halloween Housewarming party in October with a 1920s theme, which was amazing. Everyone had a great time and there was a fire pit and s’mores and Magic: The Gathering was played as well.

We’ve really made the house our own and it’s even decorated for Christmas. Lights, tree, front yard christmas fox – the works. Things are so great, in fact, we’re trying to get a second cat and we are now ENGAGED! Squee!!

Sam proposed last night when we exchanged one present each, since he finally wrapped all the presents he had bought for people. It was amazing and sweet and I love him so much. I’m kinda glad it wasn’t a big drawn out event of a proposal honestly. Plus, I’m not exactly a patient person. Heh.

We’re hoping to get married in the next few months legally, but then to have an actual ceremony and reception in October. We’re trying to keep it small and inexpensive. We’d rather have money to support the marriage and life in general, than spend a bunch on a wedding and stuff. Granted it’ll still probably be a few thousand dollars, but nothing crazy. Aiming for under $5k and under 40 guests.

I won’t be taking his last name though. I kinda think it’s an antiquated thing and only matters if you have kids. Which we won’t. So I’m preparing myself to be mistakenly given the wrong last name for the rest of my life. Heh. And I am totally okay with that. Because I’ll be married to the most wonderful man I’ve ever known. The love of my life and the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. I am ecstatic and trying to contain it, but failing. 😛

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    Really happy for you both. Thanks for letting me play a small part in your steps to buy a home. Best of luck to you both and Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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