Catchup 2012

A whole lot has happened since last I posted with any sort of frequency. I have a new boyfriend, again. And we’ve been together for almost 8 months. It’s the best relationship I’ve ever had, so it definitely has promise. Spike even lived with me for a little bit in-between his leases and we got along really well. I’m kinda sad that he’s moved out now, though it’s nice to have my own space again. I do miss having him around all the time though.

I have a new job, and a side job too. I’ve been an Illustrator at a patent drawing company for almost a year now. It’s going great and my coworkers are all pretty cool. I’ve even made some decent friends that hang with me outside of work. I just got a side job doing WordPress and webmaster duties  for a woman near BWI, but that’s just a part-time gig and hasn’t grossed much work just yet. Our schedules have both been crazy busy as of late, so neither of us has had time to get together and work. I’ve also been doing a lot of tech support work on the side as well, but that’s basically over now since she bought a Mac Mini and won’t be having as many problems as when she had a PC.

Spike just moved into his new apartment and is very happy to have his own space. I’m gonna go over and visit tonight and see what he’s done with the place in just a week of unpacking. We got him a nice little table from Kmart on Saturday, so at least I know there’s somewhere to eat other than the recliners. Heh. It will be nice to have a night together without Thomas being underfoot and such all evening. Knocking things over and getting in the way and trying to eat our food.

Well, I’m off to grab a few things before heading over to Spike’s place. Hopefully it won’t be so long between posts anymore. Sigh. Though I’ve said that before.

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