Election 2012

The election is finally over. HUZZAH! No more campaign ads! No more pressure! No more awful Facebook arguments clogging up my news feed!

The things I was hoping for all happened, so that’s awesome. Especially Question 6. Very glad that Maryland has legalized gay marriage. Way to go MD! I have many friends who are looking forward to the prospect of officially marrying their significant other now that it’s legalized. This is just one step along the road to really change America.

Also, immensely happy that Romney didn’t win, just because he’s a dolt. We picked the lesser of two evils, really.

I’m not gonna go on a rant about politics because, well, no one wants that. Also, lazy. So in closing, I just wanted to share my political stance: Vote Brony. 20% Cooler than those other guys.

Vote Brony 2012

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