I’m Not Crazy, Right?

Women have been taught to question themselves incessantly these days. Is what we’re doing okay? Is what we’re feeling the right way to feel? Are we being too sensitive? Are we crazy merely because someone said we are?

This article from the Huffington Post really says it all.

At its base, calling women “crazy” is a way of waving away any behavior that men might find undesirable while simultaneously absolving those same men from responsibility. Why did you break up with her? Well, she was crazy. Said something a woman might find offensive? Stop being so sensitive.

The idea of the “crazy” woman is so vague and nebulous that it can apply to just about any scenario.

“Crazy” has become this all-encompassing word to describe a woman’s behavior. I’ve heard men say I was crazy. Hell, I’ve heard it as why they broke up with me, but that doesn’t mean ANYTHING. Especially when the breakup was mutual or because he couldn’t cope with the normal relationship emotional needs.

I’m not crazy and just because someone says I am something, doesn’t make it true. Sure, I have some emotional issues, but so does everyone. Everyone has baggage. But really, when I think about it, maybe those “issues” are just what society has forced me to think of as problems and maybe they’re just completely normal, female emotions.

I’m not crazy. I’m normal. And there’s nothing anyone can say to change that, because all the proof I need is inside my head, inside my heart, and that’s all I need. Just me.

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