Nutrisystem: Day 11 and 12

Friday’s coffee date fell through. Sadface. But the party I went to was fun regardless and I had a blast playing video games, hanging out, and grilling up some meats. Super glad I went. I got a little work done too.

Saturday’s menu included:
– cinnamon muffin
– tuna salad on a whole wheat roll
– fudge brownie
– chicken breast sandwich

The tuna was kinda tangy but tasty. And it all fit on the roll.

Fudge brownie was really dense but tasty.

Chicken was really small and had a lot of juice in the packet and fell apart when I took it out. But it didn’t taste bad.

Sunday’s menu included:
– blueberry waffles (off diet)
– chicken parm pasta
– mozzarella sticks (off diet)
– mushroom risotto
– nutrichocolates

The pasta was okay, but the sauce wasn’t very thick.

Risotto did not look appetizing but didn’t taste horrible. Not nearly as tasty as Spike’s risotto though.

Chocolates were melted into a blob. Do not order those when it’s warm. I will wait until Fall or Winter before I get those again, I guess. It’s a shame because the chocolate was tasty.

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