Nutrisystem: Week 17 Review

Wednesday I was on diet until the evening when I had a few snacks. I also made roasted red and orange peppers and put them in olive oil in jars in the fridge. They smelled delicious.

Thursday I was on diet.

Friday I was on diet until dinner. Babylon, Lucky, and I did a stream of Skyward Sword that night. It was hilarious.

Saturday and Sunday I was off diet.

Monday I was on diet until dinner, when I got sushi and chinese with my mom.

Tuesday I was on diet and took Thomas to the vet for the first time in too long. About 2 years or so. He did really well and everything went great. He’s very healthy, they said. And at his size, 14.5 pounds isn’t fat. He’s apparently just a very big kitty. Wow.

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