Nutrisystem: Week 3 Review

New foods I tried this week:
– chocolate cake: thicker than the brownie, but the brownie tasted richer
– cheese puffs: smaller than expected, but really crunchy and many of them in the bag
– sweetened o’s cereal: tastes similar to cheerios
– chocolate nougat bar: reminded me of a snickers, but got melted in shipment

Friday was my birthday and a few of my friends came to Pub Dog to hang out with me and have dinner. So I was off diet for that. It was really fun and I got to see people I haven’t seen in ages, and even meet a new guy.

Saturday was dinner at Texas Roadhouse with my family and TinyFists. Then Coldstone cake at the house. My official birthday party that night which was pretty fun. We played Beautiful Katamari throughout the party. Off diet all day.

Sunday we went to Osaka Hibachi for lunch and stuffed ourselves with sushi and hibachi goodness. Off diet all day.

Monday I got partially back on diet. But leftover steak for lunch made it another off diet day, in my mind.

Tuesday I was mostly back on diet. Though I did get sushi for dinner. I’ll wait to weigh myself again until next week I think. Heh.

I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim ever since I picked it up last week. I’m enjoying it and I’m already level 11.

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