Nutrisystem: Week 4 Review

New foods I tried this week:
– popcorn: lots in the bag, felt like an actual serving
– burger: pretty tasty but nothing like a real burger
– chocolate caramel bar: basically a chocolate granola bar, it was meh
– roast beef and garlic mashed potatoes: potatoes were a weird consistency but I mixed them with the gravy and it tasted much better, very little beef though, mostly gravy
– zesty herb snack mix: tries to be Chex mix, but fails. Still not bad though.
– apple cinnamon oatmeal: pretty good
– fettuccine alfredo: cheesy and tasty, but would have been better with chicken
– chocolate covered pretzels: there were only 7 in the bag, but they were tasty

Wednesday I was on diet and hit up the gym after a few weeks off. Yay for getting back on track!

Thursday I was on diet again.

Friday I was mostly on diet and went to the gym with TinyFistz. We got Subway for dinner and then headed to my house to be nerdy. She played Skyrim on her PC while I played on my xbox. We are the nerdiest of nerds.

Saturday started out on diet for breakfast. But we had fried chicken for lunch at my parents’ house. Then that night, Babylon, his roommate, and I had a little grilling time. Burgers and brats and grilled veggies. It was pretty awesome. We played video games and hung out and had a great time.

Sunday I had a diet lunch, but Chinese for dinner with Babylon. Though I barely ate any of it. I got three meals out of the one dish. Also, still sore from the gym.

Monday I had diet breakfast, but Chinese leftovers for lunch and dinner.

Tuesday I was on diet most of the day. But I grabbed sushi for dinner on the way home from my oil change because I had a rubbish day at work. I felt like couldn’t do anything right and just kept screwing stuff up. Ugh. Hate. I just wanted to go home and play Skyrim all day. Oh and I’m level 21 now.

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