Nutrisystem: Week 6 Review

New foods I tried this week:
– coconut almond bar: melted in shipment, but tasty

Wednesday I was on diet and went to the gym. Also, hung out with Babylon.

Thursday I was on diet except for an amazing sandwich I made for dinner after late shift at work.

Friday I was on diet except for in the afternoon when I got a huge coffee from Starbucks to get me through a long late shift night at work. I was at work until 8pm. 12 hour day was long. Then I went up to Babylon’s house and we played video games and hung out.

Saturday I was off diet all day. Babylon and I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Then ran some errands and got food for grilling. I made the most amazing stuffing for some yellow and orange bell peppers. 10 oz of goat cheese, one can of corn, one can diced tomatoes, one small jar of artichokes. It. was. AMAZING!

Sunday I was off diet. I had breakfast with Babylon, went to visit my parents, had a late lunch with Spike, and then Spike and I hung out the rest of the evening. It was nice to see him again.

Monday I was on diet except for snack time at camp which was just cheese and crackers, so not even that bad, and sushi for dinner, which was a little worse. But I went to work at my real job after camp, so I kinda needed the dinner.

Tuesday I was on diet except for dinner.

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