Nutrisystem: Week 8 Review

New foods I tried this week:
– cheese ravioli in tomato basil sauce: insides were gritty, there were 2 raviolis, didn’t like.
– lasagna with meat sauce: didn’t look appetizing, but wasn’t half bad
– chocolate chip cookies: not as good as the white chocolate ones

Wednesday I was on diet until dinner.

Thursday I was mostly off diet. Hung out with Wolfe though. We watched Kick-Ass 2.

Friday I was on diet.

Saturday and Sunday I was off diet and hung out with Babylon all weekend playing video games.

Monday I was on diet until dinner. Work was stressful and I didn’t get off until 7, so a 10 hour day… and I got sushi to feel better.

Tuesday I was on diet until dinner. Fucking late shift. Making me eat poorly and make bad decisions.

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