Nutrisystem: Week 9 Review

New foods I tried:
– nacho cheese tortilla chips: not bad, but not doritos

Wednesday I was on diet until dinner. Babylon came over and we hung out awhile.

Thursday I was on diet until dinner again, but I got my new sunglasses from I love them!

Friday I was on diet until dinner and had to drive to DC for a meeting. It went okay but I don’t think anything will come from it.

Saturday I did tutoring then went for a coffee meetup with a guy… and he stood me up. No text, no apology, nothing. I don’t know why I keep getting stood up. This is stupid. I hate people. But the day was saved by my friend Red. We went to lunch at Houlihans and had delicious seafoods. I finally ate scallops, and they were tasty. Then I found out that the entirety of Sex and the City is on HBO Go. So the rest of my day was spent binging that, playing Spellfall, and waiting for Babylon to come over.

Sunday I was mostly off diet. We did D&D and it went a bit long. We did like 8 encounters, because most were just skill challenges and those go faster.

Monday I was on diet.

Tuesday I was on diet until dinner because I was in Columbia and very hungry. So, food.

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