Overcoming Obstacles

Barriers have been broken. Walls, torn down. The scariest part of a new relationship (for me) has been overcome. I met Jace’s parents. And he met mine. And both events went well. I was nervous for both; he was nervous to meet mine, but it all worked out nicely. His parents are super nice and seem to like me already. My parents seemed to get along with Jace fairly well and I’m sure I’ll hear more about their opinions in a few days when I go visit them again.

It was a bit awkward when he met them though. It was at a crab feast, so he also was meeting my neighbors and their friends and such. Most of whom I didn’t even know. But I think it went well and they all seemed to like Jace. Time will tell though. As with anything.

I met Jace’s parents a few weeks ago at a welcome party for his new nephew, Gavin. He’s pretty cute, but I think Theo is cuter. Heh. Maybe it’s Auntie Bias though. 🙂  But at this event I met most of his family, including extended family and such. It was a little overwhelming and I was super nervous, but I survived it and they all seemed to like me.

The next obstacle is for him to meet TinyFists when we go to RennFest. He already met Grimm at the Labor Day BBQ, but TinyFists is harder to read and harder to impress. So we’ll see what happens there. After that will be the Halloween party where he will meet a lot more of my friends, while in costume.

I’m glad this is going so well so far though. I hope the relationship with Jace stays like this or gets even better as time goes on. It would be nice to finally have a relationship that grows and evolves as time passes. Instead of just fizzling out and becoming monotonous and empty and just plain awful… Like so many of my previous ones…

But again, only time will tell. So, fingers crossed.

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