Post 100 and Nutrisystem: Day 8

Post 100! Well, 100th public post, that is. Heh.

Today’s menu included:
– banana nut muffin
– Cheese Tortellini and salad
– Craving Shake
– Meatloaf and mashed potatoes
– hummus and pita chips

Well I was going to go to the gym after Annapolis today, but apparently my gym clothes are in my laundry basket and not in my gym bag. And I didn’t put another set of clothes into the bag. Cuz I’m apparently dumb. Drat.

And after Annapolis I was too tired to even go to work at my real job, so it’s probably better off this way.

The meatloaf was… Odd. Nothing like what I make. And it was slathered in tomato sauce and placed on top of the mashed potatoes. So everything mixed and it was weird. Meh.

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