Pro Tip #2

When a girl mentions in passing that she’s not into all that cliche Valentine’s Day stuff… ignoring it is usually a safe bet.

Case in point:
While talking to Irish a few weeks ago, I had mentioned my Valentine’s Day experience from last year, including how Jay had gotten me everything – teddy bear, balloon, flowers, card, chocolates, etc. – because I had never gotten any of that stuff before. But in that case, it was too little, too late. Damage had been done to the relationship that just couldn’t be undone with cute or tasty gifts.

Well even after hearing that, I received an edible arrangement, teddy bear, and balloon at work yesterday. It was awesome and I was squeeing like a fool. Unfortunately it was after 5 so most people had gone home, but I still texted some friends and ran to my girl upstairs to have a girly squealing fit together. And to share a chocolate covered piece of fruit.

I had already received a box of chocolates from Irish that he had AngryGinger grab for him, and I figured that was all I’d be getting. I was wrong. And I’m glad I was.

Also, when he was making the steaks for dinner (so very delicious), I checked my email and saw he had sent me a gift certificate for so that I can get myself a fox when it comes back in stock. I started squeeing again and ran over and hugged him for ages. It was awesome.

So the safest bet when it comes to Valentine’s, or really any holiday, is to get your girl something small at least, just to show you care. Even if it’s just a card. But if you think she’s more receptive, then go bigger, because it will be appreciated, and you will get hella brownie points.

Even is she says she doesn’t want to exchange gifts, you should still get her something. Saying that you’re not going to get each other gifts on a holiday for financial reasons or something is a TRAP. Better safe than sorry, and in this case it’s better to err on the side of giving too much, to an extent of course. Keep it sweet and simple.

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  1. PAm’s avatar

    That wasn’t just “a box of chocolates” it was Rhebs, and in my mind it should be enough – do you have any idea how difficult it is to procure Rheb’s the week before valentine’s day? But perhaps becasue he didn’t go get them himself you deserved more. But here is an idea…why not just tell him what you want? instead of pretending you don’t want something that you do? Make it easy on the poor lad. My guess is that you “mentioned” it because you LIKEd it…and, to him, it may even have seemed like a challenge – “this is what i got last year, what can you do to top it?” Guys love a challenge….

    1. Data’s avatar

      I guess what I meant was that I really didn’t want all that cliche stuff again because it seemed forced. I still hoped for a gift though. And honestly I thought the chocolate was all I’d be getting and I was okay with that. I’m glad I got more from him, but it feels great that he went above and beyond what he HAD to because he WANTED to. And the chocolates were delicious. I think we each ate half the box.

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