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Dammit, Elsa

snow queen elsa

Winter is stupid. Ice and snow and cold and just awful. I fell on the ice outside my apartment on Monday and then stayed home from work. Then both yesterday and today, I slipped on ice outside of my work building. Didn’t fall, thankfully. But still. It’s crazy. We had like 60ºF temperatures through December, and now January and February have been just hell. Frozen hell.

Everything else has been going pretty well though. I need to get back to reading that book Sam gave me, as I’ve been ignoring it awhile. I got to a section that I felt I couldn’t use at the time, and instead of skipping it, I just kinda stopped. But I am in Part 2 of the book already, so that’s something. Speaking of Sam, we just celebrated our first Valentine’s Day this weekend. I gave him a stuffed Fluttershy, a digital card I made with Fluttershy on it, made him dinners all weekend (fried honey walnut shrimp and then shrimp scampi), and bought him some clockwork cufflinks on a whim when we went to Fire and Ice in the mall. He was very surprised. I was very sneaky about buying them and he had no idea. So ha! I win. 😛

Sam gave me a stuffed cat that had a “You’re Purrrrfect” heart on it, silver earrings with purple stones, and then bought me a stuffed fox from Ikea when we went there on Sunday. He also gave me a very nice card on Monday. 🙂

We also started playing Borderlands together this weekend, and now Sam is pretty hooked on it. So despite the wintry craziness we’ve been getting, things are going pretty well.

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By now, many of you have seen the following video:

But have you seen the ponified version? It’s amazing.

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Election 2012

The election is finally over. HUZZAH! No more campaign ads! No more pressure! No more awful Facebook arguments clogging up my news feed!

The things I was hoping for all happened, so that’s awesome. Especially Question 6. Very glad that Maryland has legalized gay marriage. Way to go MD! I have many friends who are looking forward to the prospect of officially marrying their significant other now that it’s legalized. This is just one step along the road to really change America.

Also, immensely happy that Romney didn’t win, just because he’s a dolt. We picked the lesser of two evils, really.

I’m not gonna go on a rant about politics because, well, no one wants that. Also, lazy. So in closing, I just wanted to share my political stance: Vote Brony. 20% Cooler than those other guys.

Vote Brony 2012

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