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Wednesday I was on diet until dinner, when I went to Houlihans with Wolfe.

Thursday I was on diet until I went to dinner with Babylon, also went to the dentist and got my first and hopefully only filling.

Friday I was on diet.

Saturday and Sunday I was off diet. Went to a nerdy burlesque show with Spike. Had a pretty good time. Ran a bunch of errands on Sunday.

Monday I was mostly on diet. Morning weigh-in showed 9.2 pounds lost. Whoohoo!

Tuesday I was mostly on diet.

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New foods I tried:
– nacho cheese tortilla chips: not bad, but not doritos

Wednesday I was on diet until dinner. Babylon came over and we hung out awhile.

Thursday I was on diet until dinner again, but I got my new sunglasses from I love them!

Friday I was on diet until dinner and had to drive to DC for a meeting. It went okay but I don’t think anything will come from it.

Saturday I did tutoring then went for a coffee meetup with a guy… and he stood me up. No text, no apology, nothing. I don’t know why I keep getting stood up. This is stupid. I hate people. But the day was saved by my friend Red. We went to lunch at Houlihans and had delicious seafoods. I finally ate scallops, and they were tasty. Then I found out that the entirety of Sex and the City is on HBO Go. So the rest of my day was spent binging that, playing Spellfall, and waiting for Babylon to come over.

Sunday I was mostly off diet. We did D&D and it went a bit long. We did like 8 encounters, because most were just skill challenges and those go faster.

Monday I was on diet.

Tuesday I was on diet until dinner because I was in Columbia and very hungry. So, food.

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New foods I tried this week:
– coconut almond bar: melted in shipment, but tasty

Wednesday I was on diet and went to the gym. Also, hung out with Babylon.

Thursday I was on diet except for an amazing sandwich I made for dinner after late shift at work.

Friday I was on diet except for in the afternoon when I got a huge coffee from Starbucks to get me through a long late shift night at work. I was at work until 8pm. 12 hour day was long. Then I went up to Babylon’s house and we played video games and hung out.

Saturday I was off diet all day. Babylon and I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Then ran some errands and got food for grilling. I made the most amazing stuffing for some yellow and orange bell peppers. 10 oz of goat cheese, one can of corn, one can diced tomatoes, one small jar of artichokes. It. was. AMAZING!

Sunday I was off diet. I had breakfast with Babylon, went to visit my parents, had a late lunch with Spike, and then Spike and I hung out the rest of the evening. It was nice to see him again.

Monday I was on diet except for snack time at camp which was just cheese and crackers, so not even that bad, and sushi for dinner, which was a little worse. But I went to work at my real job after camp, so I kinda needed the dinner.

Tuesday I was on diet except for dinner.

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Haircut Success

The haircut was a success. Very cute and it works. Everyone at the belated Halloween party last night thought it was cute. I also had it faux-hawked all day. I had the stylist do it and it stayed up and spiked all day and night. Very cool. This morning it looked like a mixture of bed head and intentional spikes. Not sure if I can do anything spiky or hawked for work though. But regardless, it’s super soft because of the texturing that the stylist did, which is awesome.

The party last night was a lot of fun. Most people came costumed, as requested. Many also brought shareables, which is always awesome. The DrunkScience portion of the evening was in the form of Pictionary. At the beginning of the night, the group solved 21 words in 5 minutes. Two hours later, that number decreased to 16 in 5 minutes. Obviously the alcohol had an effect on the group’s guessing and the abilities of the drawer (me). To make this a better experiment, I should have remained sober the whole time. But what fun would that have been? Heh. As it was, the party was great and everyone seems to have had a good time. Though I was exhausted by 2am and was the first to fall asleep. It happens.

Spike and I were laying around all day today relaxing and watching Psych. He had to go to work so I continued without him for awhile. But then got bored and played some Borderlands 2. Got bored with that pretty quickly too and now I’m back to Psych. I don’t know why I’ve had such a short attention span for things recently. That or I just feel blah and don’t want to do anything at all. The feeling is resurfacing so I think I’ll just go to bed now. Goodnight all.

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Haircut Hopes

Last night we worked on getting Spike’s new apartment looking like a real apartment and not a storage unit full of boxes. I helped by alphabetizing his DVDs because I’m crazy like that. I also put little felt footies on things so that his hardwood floor doesn’t get all scratched up from chairs sliding and such.

Now I’m sitting at the hair salon waiting for my turn. For the first time in my life, I’m early for a haircut appointment. I’ve been coming to the same girl a couple times now and haven’t been let down yet. But I’m getting it cut even shorter than before so we’ll see how this goes.