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I has a job!!

I started work as a Web Designer at a company on Tuesday after the Memorial Day holiday and it’s been an interesting week. I’ve met a lot of new people and promptly forgotten most of their names. I was given a shiny new 27″ monitor and ordered a new Macbook Pro. I was given almost all the information I could have asked for to make the website happen. I got access to all the social media pages. And I’ve basically finished the redesign of the home page already. So things are going pretty great.

Also, life at home has been pretty awesome. When my roommate is actually home, we have neat conversations about stuff and watch Game of Thrones sometimes. When Sam and I hang out, I genuinely feel better about life and that because I have dealt with all the bad things in my life up to this point, I feel like it’s finally turning around. Sam and I built a PC for me this weekend too and I’ve been customizing it and playing some games on Steam. I’ve started dieting more and have lost about 4 pounds already. Thomas has been less of a dickish cat than he usually is, so that’s cool too.

So yeah, things are just coming up me right now. I’m hoping it lasts for awhile this time. Huzzah.

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Dammit, Elsa

snow queen elsa

Winter is stupid. Ice and snow and cold and just awful. I fell on the ice outside my apartment on Monday and then stayed home from work. Then both yesterday and today, I slipped on ice outside of my work building. Didn’t fall, thankfully. But still. It’s crazy. We had like 60ºF temperatures through December, and now January and February have been just hell. Frozen hell.

Everything else has been going pretty well though. I need to get back to reading that book Sam gave me, as I’ve been ignoring it awhile. I got to a section that I felt I couldn’t use at the time, and instead of skipping it, I just kinda stopped. But I am in Part 2 of the book already, so that’s something. Speaking of Sam, we just celebrated our first Valentine’s Day this weekend. I gave him a stuffed Fluttershy, a digital card I made with Fluttershy on it, made him dinners all weekend (fried honey walnut shrimp and then shrimp scampi), and bought him some clockwork cufflinks on a whim when we went to Fire and Ice in the mall. He was very surprised. I was very sneaky about buying them and he had no idea. So ha! I win. 😛

Sam gave me a stuffed cat that had a “You’re Purrrrfect” heart on it, silver earrings with purple stones, and then bought me a stuffed fox from Ikea when we went there on Sunday. He also gave me a very nice card on Monday. 🙂

We also started playing Borderlands together this weekend, and now Sam is pretty hooked on it. So despite the wintry craziness we’ve been getting, things are going pretty well.

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Wednesday I was on diet until the evening when I had a few snacks. I also made roasted red and orange peppers and put them in olive oil in jars in the fridge. They smelled delicious.

Thursday I was on diet.

Friday I was on diet until dinner. Babylon, Lucky, and I did a stream of Skyward Sword that night. It was hilarious.

Saturday and Sunday I was off diet.

Monday I was on diet until dinner, when I got sushi and chinese with my mom.

Tuesday I was on diet and took Thomas to the vet for the first time in too long. About 2 years or so. He did really well and everything went great. He’s very healthy, they said. And at his size, 14.5 pounds isn’t fat. He’s apparently just a very big kitty. Wow.

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New foods I tried:
– nacho cheese tortilla chips: not bad, but not doritos

Wednesday I was on diet until dinner. Babylon came over and we hung out awhile.

Thursday I was on diet until dinner again, but I got my new sunglasses from I love them!

Friday I was on diet until dinner and had to drive to DC for a meeting. It went okay but I don’t think anything will come from it.

Saturday I did tutoring then went for a coffee meetup with a guy… and he stood me up. No text, no apology, nothing. I don’t know why I keep getting stood up. This is stupid. I hate people. But the day was saved by my friend Red. We went to lunch at Houlihans and had delicious seafoods. I finally ate scallops, and they were tasty. Then I found out that the entirety of Sex and the City is on HBO Go. So the rest of my day was spent binging that, playing Spellfall, and waiting for Babylon to come over.

Sunday I was mostly off diet. We did D&D and it went a bit long. We did like 8 encounters, because most were just skill challenges and those go faster.

Monday I was on diet.

Tuesday I was on diet until dinner because I was in Columbia and very hungry. So, food.

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New foods I tried this week:
– cheese ravioli in tomato basil sauce: insides were gritty, there were 2 raviolis, didn’t like.
– lasagna with meat sauce: didn’t look appetizing, but wasn’t half bad
– chocolate chip cookies: not as good as the white chocolate ones

Wednesday I was on diet until dinner.

Thursday I was mostly off diet. Hung out with Wolfe though. We watched Kick-Ass 2.

Friday I was on diet.

Saturday and Sunday I was off diet and hung out with Babylon all weekend playing video games.

Monday I was on diet until dinner. Work was stressful and I didn’t get off until 7, so a 10 hour day… and I got sushi to feel better.

Tuesday I was on diet until dinner. Fucking late shift. Making me eat poorly and make bad decisions.

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Wednesday I was on diet except for dinner when I went out to Duclaw with a friend.

Thursday I was on diet except for dinner, which was Panera. OMG the mac and cheese is AMAZING! Went to work a little bit after camp and then went home and played some Pokemon Y.

Friday I was on diet except for dinner again. Saw Guardians of the Galaxy with Babylon and it was awesome! And now I have a new celebrity crush. Chris Pratt. Yum.

Saturday I felt awful because of allergies and got nothing done and was off diet.

Sunday I was off diet again. Sigh. Had D&D so that didn’t help me be on diet at all.

Monday I was on diet all day!

Tuesday I was on diet until dinner, because Babylon came over and we had BBQ. It was delicious.

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New foods I tried this week:
– popcorn: lots in the bag, felt like an actual serving
– burger: pretty tasty but nothing like a real burger
– chocolate caramel bar: basically a chocolate granola bar, it was meh
– roast beef and garlic mashed potatoes: potatoes were a weird consistency but I mixed them with the gravy and it tasted much better, very little beef though, mostly gravy
– zesty herb snack mix: tries to be Chex mix, but fails. Still not bad though.
– apple cinnamon oatmeal: pretty good
– fettuccine alfredo: cheesy and tasty, but would have been better with chicken
– chocolate covered pretzels: there were only 7 in the bag, but they were tasty

Wednesday I was on diet and hit up the gym after a few weeks off. Yay for getting back on track!

Thursday I was on diet again.

Friday I was mostly on diet and went to the gym with TinyFistz. We got Subway for dinner and then headed to my house to be nerdy. She played Skyrim on her PC while I played on my xbox. We are the nerdiest of nerds.

Saturday started out on diet for breakfast. But we had fried chicken for lunch at my parents’ house. Then that night, Babylon, his roommate, and I had a little grilling time. Burgers and brats and grilled veggies. It was pretty awesome. We played video games and hung out and had a great time.

Sunday I had a diet lunch, but Chinese for dinner with Babylon. Though I barely ate any of it. I got three meals out of the one dish. Also, still sore from the gym.

Monday I had diet breakfast, but Chinese leftovers for lunch and dinner.

Tuesday I was on diet most of the day. But I grabbed sushi for dinner on the way home from my oil change because I had a rubbish day at work. I felt like couldn’t do anything right and just kept screwing stuff up. Ugh. Hate. I just wanted to go home and play Skyrim all day. Oh and I’m level 21 now.

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New foods I tried this week:
– chocolate cake: thicker than the brownie, but the brownie tasted richer
– cheese puffs: smaller than expected, but really crunchy and many of them in the bag
– sweetened o’s cereal: tastes similar to cheerios
– chocolate nougat bar: reminded me of a snickers, but got melted in shipment

Friday was my birthday and a few of my friends came to Pub Dog to hang out with me and have dinner. So I was off diet for that. It was really fun and I got to see people I haven’t seen in ages, and even meet a new guy.

Saturday was dinner at Texas Roadhouse with my family and TinyFists. Then Coldstone cake at the house. My official birthday party that night which was pretty fun. We played Beautiful Katamari throughout the party. Off diet all day.

Sunday we went to Osaka Hibachi for lunch and stuffed ourselves with sushi and hibachi goodness. Off diet all day.

Monday I got partially back on diet. But leftover steak for lunch made it another off diet day, in my mind.

Tuesday I was mostly back on diet. Though I did get sushi for dinner. I’ll wait to weigh myself again until next week I think. Heh.

I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim ever since I picked it up last week. I’m enjoying it and I’m already level 11.

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Played some Beautiful Katamari this morning before work. I plan on doing some Skyrim tonight.

After today, I’ll be doing weekly updates about just the new foods I’ve tried on the diet. Instead of daily recaps.

Today’s menu included:
– bagel and cream cheese
– chicken parm pasta and salad
– cheesecake bar
– veggies
– chicken alfredo

The cheesecake bar was pretty tasty.


Got home and the power went out for a few seconds which knocked out my internet and cable. So I couldn’t play SKyrim all night as planned. Guess I’ll play it in the morning.


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Otakon is next weekend and this will be my first time attending. Luckily, it’s not my first time making costumes. You can see some of my previous costumes if you’re my friend on Facebook or if you’re in my Google+ circles. I’ve done others costumes and never got pictures of them, but the most recent are:

Irish and I are doing Joker/Harley for Otakon on Saturday and then our group is doing Archer on Sunday. I’ll be Rona Thorne, the Russian sniper double agent. And Irish is going to be Cyril Figgus. He’d be a perfect Krieger, but he’s shaving his face for Joker, so that’s out. Over the next week, I need to fix up our costumes and find the last bits for my Rona costume.

Over the past several weeks, however, I’ve been working on Demon’s outfit – Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, the game. He’s commissioning me, so I was actually happy to do it. I had to make him some black pants, a pauldron, and a belt. I will also be bleaching/dying his hair to blonde. The pants took the most trouble, honestly. I had never made pants before. But they turned out pretty great. And although they’re not all that tight on his waist, they don’t fall down. They’re comfortable.

The pauldron took a lot of creative ingenuity. I ended up using a kneepad from Lowes as the base for it. Then added part of the second kneepad for the neck guard. To make it look like 2 layers of metal, I got crafty with some paper and thin cardboard. Then I coated the whole thing in duct tape, added film canisters as the spikes, and primed it. It wasn’t until after priming that I realized I hadn’t taken any progress shots. So here it is primed:

And then painted black, which is hard to see:

And then I painted it with a light, partially dry brushed coat of silver metallic:

And finally, with the straps all sewn together and on Demon, himself:

I even got him the wolf emblem to clip onto the strap. I was going to put it on the front of the pauldron, but he liked it better this way, so that works for me.

I’ll post the process and pics of the belt next.

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