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Last night was pretty awesome. Went to the shooting range again with Irish, AngryGinger, and Gadget. I kept having terrible luck with guns jamming and misfiring. I don’t know if it was me or the guns but I went back to a Sig instead and had better luck. Still jammed but not as bad. And at least the clip was a lot easier to load than the others. They clearly don’t clean their guns properly at all. But here’s the results with the Sig:

I’m pretty proud of this. And I did it pretty quickly too cuz the place was closing in a minute.

Afterward, we went to get drinks and food at Applebees since they were doing their Saint Practice Day specials, it being the Friday before St. Patrick’s Day and all. We got green beer and boneless wings.

And of course after a pitcher of green Yuengling, I had to grab a green margarita… Which are normally green in color but oh well, tequila!

Overall, a fantastic way to start the irishest week of the year.

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On Target

We went shooting for the first time last night and I forgot to take a picture of the aftermath before we put a new target over it, but here’s the result of the first 80 shots or so. I took the top target off this morning, so that’s why it’s kinda hard to tell where I shot. But it’s also fairly obliterated from so many bullets.

I started with a Sig P238 and its accuracy was totally crap. Yes, it was a rental gun, but still… The second gun I used was a Sig P229 Elite and was a bit better and had better sights on it. I loaded up my last clip of the night and put on the fresh target. Here’s the result:

The first round I fired hit within the center ring. I whooped and got very excited, then proceeded to not do as well for the rest of the clip, but oh well. Little victories are good for me. Irish even said I did really well.

Overall I felt that I did pretty well and I do want to go again. The personal impact was greater than I expected though, and I felt almost terrified for a while after. I’m not sure what that was about. I know I didn’t hurt anybody, but I think the idea that I could have and that it’d be so easy to do such damage to another person… it was kinda scary.

But I’m glad I did it and am looking forward to going again. Next time I’ll get something easier to fire, like the 380 Auto or even the 22. Gotta have variety, ya know.

I do find it amusing that we came home from the range and then played COD: MW2 the rest of the night, though.

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Gun Shopping

We went gun shopping with AngryGinger a few weeks ago and it has been cemented: if I buy a gun, I want a Sig Sauer Mosquito. Probably not the pink one anymore, but just the basic black. And I totally want a thigh holster for it like Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 5. Like this. Cuz next time I do that costume, I want it to be more authentic. And I’ve got a better blue shirt now since AngryGinger gave me this for Xmas. Even though it’s a men’s style, it still fits pretty well. So it’s cool.

And IrishBro gave Irish a tactical belt that I might be able to steal from him to use as well. A few weeks ago I looted a grenade holster pack from a friend as well as a bunch of Army BDUs and such. He was moving and just wanted to get rid of extra stuff. And I’m a geek for anything military so…. it worked. If Irish ever wears that stuff, so help me…. he’s gonna get jumped so hard. I really wish he still had his Marines stuff, cuz the Marines are the sexiest armed forces, in my opinion.

I’m gonna go fantasize about that for awhile now…. sigh…

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I’m bored at work and catching up on some Pervocracy posts. I’ve finally hit 2009! I came across this post where Holly bought a Tac 9 and just felt like sharing it, since I’ve been looking at getting a gun sometime this year or so.

My own fascination for guns has always gravitated toward Sig Sauers in general and after seeing this other post of Holly’s, my love was cemented. I looked for this very gun and found it new or gently used for around $300-$350. Not bad for a gun. Granted, it’s a .22 so the hit will be like a mosquito bite (hence the name I guess), but it’s also a lot cheaper to fire at the range.

Irish has a Colt 1911 .45  that has a lot more stopping power (the bullet is twice the size of the .22), and if ever a home invasion occurs, would be the one I’d go for, but I kinda want my own, less testosterone-filled gun to just…have. I feel like I’d be able to feel better about things in general with my own protection by my side. I’ll need to get some sort of permit for it, but working in the heart of Baltimore might be a decent reason. Who knows?

This all started years ago, but didn’t really come to fruition until he showed me his gun (giggidy) and let me hold it, cock it, and pull the trigger on an empty chamber. I had this huge rush of just….wow. I’m not even sure why, but I felt empowered. I felt self-sufficient. I felt safe. Ever since then, I’ve had occasional dreams/nightmares where someone breaks into the house and I grab the gun, come clomping down the hall, cock the gun loudly, hold it pointed straight at the guy’s chest, and yell “Get outta my house!” Sometimes with “Dirtbag!” or something tacked on the end there.

I know I’d never be able to actually do that, but it’s interesting to know my subconscious is more daring than I.

I’ve seen the pink Sig Sauer Mosquito online, but can’t find it in stores, and honestly don’t think it’d be nearly as scary against an invader as the all-black version. But I own nothing pink, really. I think it’d be fitting that the one pink thing I’d have would be a gun. I’m still debating which one I want, but I’ve got all the time in the world.

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