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Every time I start making progress on my weight loss, I gain it all back as soon as I’m on late shift at work. Because by the time I get home, I’m so hungry that I just stop thinking or caring. I’ve tried bringing dinner and extra snacks to work, but it’s just not happening. I get home and just devour everything…

I don’t know what to do. It’s so frustrating that any progress made is obliterated by a single week.

I hate this.

And I want a cheeseburger…

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Foods I tried:
– chicken with baked beans: meh, very meh. The chicken was a very small thing.

Wednesday I was off diet and just blah in general.

Thursday I was on diet except for the free donuts at work. Went to pick up some packages from the parents.

Friday I was on diet and went to the gym with TinyFists. Then went to see Boxtrolls with Spike. It was awesome!

Saturday and Sunday I was off diet and hung out with Babylon.

Monday I was on diet until dinner. Got my car fixed and had dinner with my mom.

Tuesday I was on diet until dinner. I finally ordered my new dining room chairs too! I’m so excited! I’m ordering the table on Saturday.

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New foods I tried this week:
– cheese ravioli in tomato basil sauce: insides were gritty, there were 2 raviolis, didn’t like.
– lasagna with meat sauce: didn’t look appetizing, but wasn’t half bad
– chocolate chip cookies: not as good as the white chocolate ones

Wednesday I was on diet until dinner.

Thursday I was mostly off diet. Hung out with Wolfe though. We watched Kick-Ass 2.

Friday I was on diet.

Saturday and Sunday I was off diet and hung out with Babylon all weekend playing video games.

Monday I was on diet until dinner. Work was stressful and I didn’t get off until 7, so a 10 hour day… and I got sushi to feel better.

Tuesday I was on diet until dinner. Fucking late shift. Making me eat poorly and make bad decisions.

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Wednesday I was on diet except for dinner when I went out to Duclaw with a friend.

Thursday I was on diet except for dinner, which was Panera. OMG the mac and cheese is AMAZING! Went to work a little bit after camp and then went home and played some Pokemon Y.

Friday I was on diet except for dinner again. Saw Guardians of the Galaxy with Babylon and it was awesome! And now I have a new celebrity crush. Chris Pratt. Yum.

Saturday I felt awful because of allergies and got nothing done and was off diet.

Sunday I was off diet again. Sigh. Had D&D so that didn’t help me be on diet at all.

Monday I was on diet all day!

Tuesday I was on diet until dinner, because Babylon came over and we had BBQ. It was delicious.

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New foods I tried this week:
– coconut almond bar: melted in shipment, but tasty

Wednesday I was on diet and went to the gym. Also, hung out with Babylon.

Thursday I was on diet except for an amazing sandwich I made for dinner after late shift at work.

Friday I was on diet except for in the afternoon when I got a huge coffee from Starbucks to get me through a long late shift night at work. I was at work until 8pm. 12 hour day was long. Then I went up to Babylon’s house and we played video games and hung out.

Saturday I was off diet all day. Babylon and I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Then ran some errands and got food for grilling. I made the most amazing stuffing for some yellow and orange bell peppers. 10 oz of goat cheese, one can of corn, one can diced tomatoes, one small jar of artichokes. It. was. AMAZING!

Sunday I was off diet. I had breakfast with Babylon, went to visit my parents, had a late lunch with Spike, and then Spike and I hung out the rest of the evening. It was nice to see him again.

Monday I was on diet except for snack time at camp which was just cheese and crackers, so not even that bad, and sushi for dinner, which was a little worse. But I went to work at my real job after camp, so I kinda needed the dinner.

Tuesday I was on diet except for dinner.

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New foods I tried this week:
– popcorn: lots in the bag, felt like an actual serving
– burger: pretty tasty but nothing like a real burger
– chocolate caramel bar: basically a chocolate granola bar, it was meh
– roast beef and garlic mashed potatoes: potatoes were a weird consistency but I mixed them with the gravy and it tasted much better, very little beef though, mostly gravy
– zesty herb snack mix: tries to be Chex mix, but fails. Still not bad though.
– apple cinnamon oatmeal: pretty good
– fettuccine alfredo: cheesy and tasty, but would have been better with chicken
– chocolate covered pretzels: there were only 7 in the bag, but they were tasty

Wednesday I was on diet and hit up the gym after a few weeks off. Yay for getting back on track!

Thursday I was on diet again.

Friday I was mostly on diet and went to the gym with TinyFistz. We got Subway for dinner and then headed to my house to be nerdy. She played Skyrim on her PC while I played on my xbox. We are the nerdiest of nerds.

Saturday started out on diet for breakfast. But we had fried chicken for lunch at my parents’ house. Then that night, Babylon, his roommate, and I had a little grilling time. Burgers and brats and grilled veggies. It was pretty awesome. We played video games and hung out and had a great time.

Sunday I had a diet lunch, but Chinese for dinner with Babylon. Though I barely ate any of it. I got three meals out of the one dish. Also, still sore from the gym.

Monday I had diet breakfast, but Chinese leftovers for lunch and dinner.

Tuesday I was on diet most of the day. But I grabbed sushi for dinner on the way home from my oil change because I had a rubbish day at work. I felt like couldn’t do anything right and just kept screwing stuff up. Ugh. Hate. I just wanted to go home and play Skyrim all day. Oh and I’m level 21 now.

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So today hasn’t been going too great. I’ve been kinda down all day because of mistakes I made at work. Here I thought I was doing well… but nope. So yeah, it’s been a rough day.

Today’s menu included:
– honey wheat bagel with cream cheese
– greek yogurt
– Three Cheese Chicken and salad
– peppermint cookie patty
– veggies
– mac and cheese

The bagel was the size of a mini bagel, but tasty.

Peppermint cookie patty, which I assume is supposed to be like a York peppermint patty, was really chewy and stuck to my teeth, making me wish I had a toothbrush at work.

Mac and cheese was okay.

After work, I picked up a new controller for my xbox so now I have 4. Yay! And happened to grab Skyrim: Legendary Edition for only $30. I played a little bit and got to Whiterun. But got tired and now I’m watching some TV before going to bed.

Goodnight, all.

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Friday’s coffee date fell through. Sadface. But the party I went to was fun regardless and I had a blast playing video games, hanging out, and grilling up some meats. Super glad I went. I got a little work done too.

Saturday’s menu included:
– cinnamon muffin
– tuna salad on a whole wheat roll
– fudge brownie
– chicken breast sandwich

The tuna was kinda tangy but tasty. And it all fit on the roll.

Fudge brownie was really dense but tasty.

Chicken was really small and had a lot of juice in the packet and fell apart when I took it out. But it didn’t taste bad.

Sunday’s menu included:
– blueberry waffles (off diet)
– chicken parm pasta
– mozzarella sticks (off diet)
– mushroom risotto
– nutrichocolates

The pasta was okay, but the sauce wasn’t very thick.

Risotto did not look appetizing but didn’t taste horrible. Not nearly as tasty as Spike’s risotto though.

Chocolates were melted into a blob. Do not order those when it’s warm. I will wait until Fall or Winter before I get those again, I guess. It’s a shame because the chocolate was tasty.

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Today’s menu included:
– asiago bagel with cream cheese
– Cheese Tortellini, string cheese, and veggies
– Craving Shake
– shredded BBQ chicken

Went to work for an hour after camp. Then had to rush home to get ready for the party I’m going to tonight.

BBQ chicken was tasty but very heavy on green peppers. And too much for one roll. Had to use two but I was starving so I’m not surprised I was okay with that.

Now I’m off to the party. Huzzah!

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Post 100! Well, 100th public post, that is. Heh.

Today’s menu included:
– banana nut muffin
– Cheese Tortellini and salad
– Craving Shake
– Meatloaf and mashed potatoes
– hummus and pita chips

Well I was going to go to the gym after Annapolis today, but apparently my gym clothes are in my laundry basket and not in my gym bag. And I didn’t put another set of clothes into the bag. Cuz I’m apparently dumb. Drat.

And after Annapolis I was too tired to even go to work at my real job, so it’s probably better off this way.

The meatloaf was… Odd. Nothing like what I make. And it was slathered in tomato sauce and placed on top of the mashed potatoes. So everything mixed and it was weird. Meh.

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