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Today’s menu included:
– Cinnamon Bun Bar
– Energy Shake
– White Bean Chicken Chili and a salad
– Craving Shake and veggies
– Chicken Alfredo and veggies

The cinnamon bun bar was pretty tasty, but a little oddly textured. Probably from the extra fiber and protein and stuff they add.

I got my new shaker bottle this morning, so now I have one small one for the shakes and the large one for water at work.

The chili was spicier than I’d like. So I had to have some almond milk to offset it.

I stayed late at work to preemptively make up some of the hours I’ll miss next week while I’m working at the summer camp.

Then went to the gym again to do some uphill walking on the treadmill.

The chicken alfredo was pretty good. It was a grayish color though. But alfredo is rarely an appetizing color, I’ve learned.

Ending the day around 1300 calories.

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I’ve gained a lot of weight in the last couple years. So much that I am now 50 pounds overweight. In order to take control of my weight and my life, I’ve started Nutrisystem. Today is Day 1 of the program and of my Fast5, the first week jumpstart to lose up to 5 pounds in 7 days.

Today’s menu includes:
– Cinnamon Streusel Muffin
– Energy Shake
– Three Cheese Chicken
– Craving Shake
– Chicken Pot Pie

I added a Greek yogurt for breakfast because the muffin was so tiny, and I’m allowed 3 “powerfuels” a day, which includes yogurt. Though I’m unsure if I’m allowed yogurt during the Fast5, so I’ll try to be better about that.

The Energy shake is pretty decent. Better than some protein shakes I’ve had. It does have a tangy aftertaste though.

The Three Cheese Chicken was basically like a Cup of Soup meal. But it wasn’t bad.

I brought a Green Giant pack of frozen vegetables in light sauce for 3 of my 4 veggie servings for the day.

The Craving shake is smoother than the Energy shake. And doesn’t have the aftertaste.

I then did 30 minutes of walk/jog/running on the treadmill at the gym.

The Chicken Pot Pie was pretty tasty.

I also went to the store after the gym today and bought a bunch of healthy stuff. So I then had sugar snap peas, mushrooms, and sliced cucumbers with Greek yogurt veggie dip as my 4th vegetable of the day, and possibly 5th or 6th.

Ending the day at about 1300 calories. Over the program amount, but much less than my normal intake and mostly in healthy stuff. Also I’ve already had about 10 servings of water today.


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Immediate Fail

I find the irony and ridiculousness in the fact that mere hours after saying I’ll do shorter, more  focused posts, I write a 1000 word post that rambles. But it was for Grapple, so it’s worth it. And I feel like it really got some things off my chest that I’ve been stressing about and dealing with lately. But I know that even though I’m aware of the problem and essentially why I’m doing it, I won’t stop. Cuz that’d be giving up, which in my world is akin to failure.

I used to say, if you don’t try, you can’t fail. I no longer believe that. If you don’t try, you automatically fail, and I can’t stand that.

Now, when I can’t do something right, I keep pushing myself harder and harder until I can, or at least I hit my limit and find the sane (or slightly insane) place to stop. This has happened with:

  • DDR
  • Guitar Hero
  • weight lifting/gym stuff
  • Dance Central
  • God of War
  • lots of other video games, actually…

Usually, it’s a digital barrier for me, because that is something that is set by a programmer and is not going to get any easier unless I figure out how to do it right.

Also, I got 150 hits yesterday. Beating my previous high (29) 5 times over. Holy crap!

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So I’m currently at the gym and just finished a workout. I haven’t been here in months, so this felt good though way overdue. I did a decent variety of stuff. Treadmill, abs, elliptical, rowing, sit-ups/crunches/etc, and some yoga. Wishing I could get Irish here again soon. He’s the reason I joined this expensive-ass gym anyway. But with his shoulder still out of commission, he can’t do anything, he claims. Apparently the list of things he can’t do involves more things than I expected and includes many of my favorite activities. Sigh.

Well if he’s not gonna get me sweaty, I suppose I should do it myself. Hence, the gym time.

Anyway, I should be getting off this couch in the locker room lounge and getting home while power hour is still happening. It’s a excuse to polish off that delicious meatloaf I made last night. Mmmm…. With steamed broccoli and mashed red skinned potatoes. Oh man. Forgot that I didn’t eat yet today. Better go do that cuz now I’m starving. Peace.

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There weren’t enough people available to play poker tonight so the game was cancelled. Irish made burgers on the grill outside and broccoli and tater tots. We also watched an episode of Burn Notice while we ate, which I had never seen before. Irish explained it as Leverage but serious. It was definitely interesting.

So now he’s playing Dragon Age some more and I’m reading my new book The Magicians. It’s pretty good so far and worth the $6 I paid for it (usually $16). But I’m waffling about going to the gym tonight still. He said he might come along, but I’m doubtful. At this point it’s solely to take a soak in the hot tub, lounge in the pool, then hit the sauna. I figure I need to wait a bit for my food to settle too. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll wander into the office in 20 minutes and inquire as to his interest in the gym. Then if it’s a no, I’ll go by myself for an hour just because. Until then, reading of my book resumes.

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Pain sucks

So I went to the gym on Tuesday and did core and legs. Apparently I overdid it though because my calves started hurting on Wednesday afternoon after an impromptu nap. They’ve gotten worse since then, almost to the point of me being unable to walk. I’ve been limping around all day and just took some Aleve. I’m hoping that helps soon because I planned to hit the grocery store today and also pick up the gift for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower. And I’m hitting the gym again tonight while Irish has his poker night. Guh. I’ll probably end up floating around the hot tub and the pool for awhile. Hoping that will help my legs.

Other than that though, last night we played Dokopon Kingdom. We did couples teams: me and Irish against AngryGinger and TinyFists. The game is definitely annoying at times but fun too I guess. We were losing and sucking pretty bad for awhile and were kinda pouting, but not unjustly. But AG and TF started making fun of us and complaining. Ugh. Oh well.

Anyway, I should get going to the shopping thing. I only have 2 hours before Irish gets home.

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